The Cheese sauce in this recipe can be used as a topping for anything from Veggies to Nachos but makes a really great Vegan Mac and Cheese all without any dairy!

I did use homemade Macaroni pasta that uses eggs from my backyard chickens but this can easily be changed to an all Vegan meal by using a grain only based pasta.  I just prefer the taste of my own pasta using the freshest eggs on Earth and only a few feet away from the kitchen.  If you have gluten AND dairy sensitive eaters in the house this meal will be great for both situations.

Homemade Large Macaroni noodles.

Homemade Large Macaroni noodles.


Soaked cashews make this a very creamy sauce with a great nutty flavor.  Just be sure to use RAW nuts and not toasted or pre-salted for the best results.

Raw Organic cashews

Ingredients for the Cheese Sauce

1.5 Cups soaked Raw Organic cashew pieces or halves

2 TBSP Fermented Miso Paste

1 tsp garlic powder

3 TBSP Nutritional Yeast Flakes

1/4 Cup Hot Water

Soak the cashews in water for about 6-8 hours then drain.  (This will make a creamier sauce but can be skipped in a time pinch). **Cashew pieces are always going to be cheaper than Raw or halves.

In a food processor combine all ingredients except water and pulse until well blended.  Slowly add water until you reach the desired consistency.  Sauce should be pourable but not too thin. Season to taste with salt.

For Mac and Cheese make the sauce while the pasta is cooking in boiling water.  Rinse and add sauce to the pasta and toss over heat until well incorporated.

Not only is this a really quick meal (after the nuts have soaked), but very nutritious and extra sauce can be stored to use in other meals, or pour over some steamed veggies as a great side!